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Fan Coil Actuator

Fan Coil Actuator
Air conditioning and ventilation systems can be integrated into KNX building system technology.

Room climate control is part of the everyday routine in public buildings, hospital and hotels. The KNX fan coil actuator now makes this task easier and more economical. All the relevant functions of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems can now be switched accurately via KNX using a single device.

Merten’s KNX fan coil actuator is designed to meet the entire range of practical requirements. Typical fan coils with up to three speed settings are controlled directly. Furthermore, the actuator works with simple 2-point valves (on/off) as well as with more accurate 3-point valves (on/off/intermediate setting). The KNX fan coil actuator is equally suitable for use with 2-pipe systems and 4-pipe systems.

The main focus of the KNX fan coil actuator control functions are the KNX options, of course. In automatic mode, the states of the room air conditioning unit – the fan speeds, for example – are switched depending on the control values of an external room temperature control unit that is connected via KNX. The KNX fan coil actuator can be controlled and actuated by means of multifunction push-buttons featuring room temperature controllers, for instance.

A real energy balance plus is the option of directly connecting the device to a window contact. The room air conditioning unit is immediately switched off when the window is opened. A second input is available for condensate monitoring. The temperature can be recorded via an external temperature sensor optionally via a separate input.

For installation or maintenance, all the KNX fan coil actuator’s functions can be checked independently of KNX operation using a push-button connected directly to the device.


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