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Switching Actuator with Current Monitoring

Switching Actuator with Current Monitoring
The new MIX switch actuators for higher lamp loads (C-loads) offer integrated current monitoring repliki zegarków and can be easily upgraded from four to twelve channels.replica uhren
Highlights of the new MIX 2 Switch Switch actuators KNX C-Last at a glance

Precise current measurement: Four outputs for 4 C load with bistable relay allow high lamp loads. Additionally there is a current measurement (strength of current) at every output. The monitoring of the current can be used for failure monitoring of electrical devices as well as for visualisation.copie montre The current values can be used by means of a parameterized power calculation on device for extern display.

Modular construction:
The 4-channel basic device with detachable bus modules can be upgraded with max. 2 extensions without bus module. The manual operation and the use of the switch actuators is also possible without the bus module KNX. By starting the bus system the parameterized KNX bus module repliki zegarków can be applied later.

Flexible application range: Swiss Weplica Watches
The new MIX 2- basic devices can be combined with all upgrade devices of the actual MIX 1-series with switching, dimming, control of blinds, as well as 1 - 10 Volt control of heating and binary inputs.

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