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KNX Touch Panel 7"

Ease of operation and a multitude of application possibili- ties – that's what puts the KNX touch panel 7" in front of the rest. Whether in a single-family house or a conference room – the large display and clear control panel put things in perspective. From one central location, lighting can be switched on and dimmed; roller shutters and blinds can be controlled. Specific scenes can be retrieved, and individual devices can be switched on and off with ease.

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With its clearly arranged, easy-to-read user interface, the KNX touch panel 7" makes it a breeze to control individual areas such as the kitchen, living room or cellar. The number of operating views can be adjusted to any given situation, and each view can be password-protected to prevent unau- thorised access. And here's an especially attractive feature: In standby mode, the display can be used to present a picture slide show.

With its extensive functionality, the KNX touch panel 7" is a control centre in the truest sense. In addition to a weekly time switch and alarm signals, the touch panel also features logic functions, dynamic language selection and presence simula- tion. And on a practical note: The time switch is synchronised via the Internet, so the touch panel switches automatically between summer time and winter time. Via the integrated USB port, ready-made configuration files are loaded, software updates are installed and backups are created. The KNX touch panel 7" can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.

Signature appearance
The outer design frame is available in four materials (plastic, aluminium, glass, metal) and eight colours. The inner frame comes in polar white and black. Another highlight – the user interface in a choice of black, white, cream or blue to harmo- nise with its surroundings.

Private Home
With the KNX touch panel 7", you’ve got a view of the whole house from one central point in the hall or kitchen where the control unit is installed. All lights and blinds in the house can be controlled from this point, and the temperature can also be set conveniently via the touch panel 7". Thanks to the “Simulate presence” function, the house looks occupied even when there’s no-one home, if you simply press a button on the way out. The alarm signal also reacts to faults, e.g. from heating failures or from a window with glass-breakage monitoring.

The KNX touch panel 7" shows a good image in standby mode: you can set it to play your latest holiday snaps or other images as a slide show. If you like, you can also use the touch panel to call up a pre-programmed internet page – if you want to take a look at the latest weather report before leaving the house, for example.

Hotel room
Foreign land, foreign city – and a foreign room in which you don’t know where the light switches are or how the heating works. Hotel guests don’t always have it easy. This is where the KNX touch panel 7" comes in as a single room solution: the guest can use the touch panel to comfortably regulate all the functions in a room. Sensitive areas and functions which should not be changed can be protected with a password. Hotel staff can also change the language of the user interface to another pre-installed language quickly and without complications.
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