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IP Touch Panel 10"

The IP touch panel 10" provides a clear, comprehensive visualisation of current building functions, which you can conveniently control via interactive commands on the touch-sensitive 10" TFT display. The Windows CE operating system is the ideal prerequisite for quick and easy configuration of replicas relojes solutions such as data management and web, client/ server and network functionality. Via a browser, it is also possible to use merten@home with the IC 1 Internet Controller. A USB port integrated beneath the frame makes it easy to exchange data.
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The TP VISU visualisation software allows you to program the IP touch panel 10" to control building functions, with a user interface customised to suit your individual taste. For example, by mapping your building's floor plan with all the functions you want to control, one glance is all you will need to intuitively select light, heating or blinds. In addition to an extensive standard library for visualising building functions, TP VISU offers a whole host of additional functions, ranging from drag-and-drop address assignment, to simple address imports from ETS3 to date and time transmission for synchronising all devices in a network. Of course, the software can also handle any KNX telegram type.

Control building functions centrally. Know precisely which window is open, where the heating is on and which blinds are lowered. All this is possible with the IP touch panel 10" . From one central point in your home, such as the hall or kitchen, you can continually monitor conditions throughout the entire building. But that's not all. You're also linked to the Internet over an Ethernet connection, allowing you to send and receive e-mails, among other things. And the preinstalled software package in Windows CE lets you open all the usual Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint, as well as PDF files.

Setting the scene at home
The IP touch panel 10" is not just good for controlling individual building func- tions. It also allows you to set specific scenes, combining a variety of functions that are perfectly suited to your taste.

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For example, if you want all the blinds to open, all the lights to switch off and the heating to lower when you leave the house in the morning, just set the "Absence" scene, and all of these functions will be carried out.

Intelligent conference room technology
In future, presentations will be that bit easier to handle with the IP Touch Panel 10" . From a rolex replicas technical point of view at any rate. Before you begin your talk, simply activate the "Presentation" scene. The screen will automatically move into position, the projector will switch on, the lights will dim and the blinds will lower.
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